Hotel California



When drug smuggler Troy, turned on crime boss Dmitri, he was forced to leave Los Angeles and spend some time hustling in Miami. After two years, and the loss of his leg in a shootout, Troy returns to L.A. to reclaim what’s his. Troy arranges a meeting with his former partners Pete and Al, who are extremely conflicted about the return of their old friend, as they have pledged their loyalty to Dmitri. With a prosthetic leg, a cocaine habit, and nothing to lose, Troy tries to push the limits to figure out where Pete and Al’s loyalties lie.
















Hotel California (2008)


Erik Palladino

Tyson C. Beckford

Simon Rex

Tatyana Ali

Raymond J. Barry

Noel Guglielmi


Director: Geo Santin

Writer: Jason Hice

Producer: Todd Chamberlain





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